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NAC is a diversified organization,operated by Xiamen Skane Cultural Communication co.,LTD. (Established in 1997; Legal Person: Lan Lan)

● Functional Division:

1st Floor【Gallery】:500+ square meters of seven meters height. Regular exhibitions and collection display.

2nd Floor【Studios for resident artists】:About 150 square meters. Open for different kinds of artists/ handicraftsmen/ visiting scholars from all over the world.

3rd Floor【Classrooms】:About 150 square meters. Use for short-term Nordic Master Class/Foundation class of Study abroad in Northern Europe/ Explore trip of Chinese Culture/Salons/Lectures/Some public training.

1st Floor of Affiliate Building 【Nordic Art Space】:Art derivative; Sale of Original arts; Nordic Canteen; Art Trip development department.

● NAC Programs:

1.【Exhibitions and Activities】 Hold regular art exhibitions at least four times per year.

2.【Art in Residence (AIR)】 We are going to accept artists coming here for AIR project. AIR is a project that provides a studio to the artists from all over the world for living and creating; we give priority to Nordic Artists. The AIR period of visit for each artist is no more than three months. We can accept a total of four artists at the same time. The resident artists will be asked to creating their works based on the local situation and participate in annual resident exhibition. We will also help to organize voluntary short-term lectures, workshops or speeches, as well as help with the translation and transport.

3.【Nordic Master Class】This program is to open a short-term training course taught by Nordic professors or artists, aimed at Chinese students who have either ability or interested in art, including art teachers or professional talents. Meanwhile this platform will be used to help students have the opportunities to go abroad for further study.

4.【Nordic Art Trip】Face to China. Make an itinerary about art trip in Northern Europe. We will visit different museums, galleries, artists’ studios and so on.

5.【Chinese Cultural Exploring Trip】Face to Northern Europe. Make a short-term project including travelling, learning Chinese traditional values such as Tea; Taiji; Zen; Instrument; Calligraphy and so on. Meanwhile we could also start the language lessons.

6.【Salon and Speech】We will invite artists to come and have some cultural salon, speech and lectures regularly. At least six times per year.

7.【Exchange Visiting】We will organize cultural exchanges and visitors groups between China and Northern Europe, to promote mutual cultural, understanding, information sharing and joint learning.