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Statement of Exhibition Application

On the basis of satisfying the exhibition activities planned and hosted by Nordic Contemporary Art Center (NAC) annually, we also welcome some excellent exhibitions.

The process of applying for the exhibition is as follows:

1. Application

Please send the following materials to the work email (lanlanart@vip.163.com) :

a. Exhibition Plan including title, theme and concept of exhibition;

b. Pictures (Catalog) or video materials of the exhibited works and the text descriptions;

c. Resume of artists participating in the exhibition;

d. Requirements of the exhibition hall (area, exhibition line and height);

e. Budget list, main media publicity channels, etc.

2. Audit

NAC will conduct a preliminary review of the exhibition and submit it to the Nordic council for an academic review of the proposals submitted.

3. Result

After the examination and approval, the NAC and the representative of the applicant shall sign the exhibition contract.

Contents of the contract:

a. Name of the exhibition;

b. Exhibition venue, time and duration;

c. Main co-organizer/curator;

d. Transportation and transportation method;

e. Works value, insurance and amount;

f. Exhibition costs and payment methods;

g. Responsibilities and obligations of both parties (including publicity, daily security, opening ceremony, exhibition arrangement and withdrawal, equipment lease, etc.).

4. Exhibition arrangement

NAC shall designate the specific project leader, and the project leader shall make the exhibition schedule, specify the submission date of exhibits and relevant materials, arrange and withdraw the exhibition plan and the date, communicate with the applicant for the exhibition and implement the work of the museum.

Title of Exhibition
Applicant Institution or individual
Main Applicant
Contact method
Time of Exhibition
Participant artists
Amount of artworks
Overview of the exhibition theme