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Nordic Contemporary Art Center in Xiamen |NAC|

Dedicated to promoting the exchange of art between China and Scandinavia

Introduction to NAC

Located in Aotou, Xiang’an District, Xiamen, China.

Proposed by international artist Mr. Tong Wang and curator Ms. Lan Lan, and supported by local government in a renovated old school; the style of architecture and interior is Scandinavian; completed in December 2017.

Total floor spaces are 2,252 square meters. Before renovation, the total usable spaces are 1,044 square meters; after renovation, it is 1,500 square meters.

Tong Wang and Lan Lan have during the past 20 years arranged hundreds of international exhibitions and cultural exchange activities through based in Xiamen, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Scandinavia. In this way, they have accumulated a multi-facetted experience and developed extensive networks.

 Interaction between China and Scandinavia is becoming more and more active and extensive. The ambition is on the background to develop NAC into a platform for Nordic art including the following activities: [Mature Display of Collections], [Cultural Exchange Exhibitions], [Activities], [Sales of Artworks], [Artists In Residence], [Nordic master class], [Nordic Art Trip], [Chinese Cultural Exploring Trip] and [Lectures].

Mission: to achieve LOCAL GLOBALIZATION,dedicated to connecting foreign and local places.


Aotou is the fishing village in Xiamen, in southern of China, located on the southeast coastal, opposite of Jinmen and Xiamen islands. Aotou faces the sea on three sides, and it was a very important trading port in history, and also a famous hometown of overseas Chinese.The whole society is very clean, and retains the traditional building and cultural environment. There are 1,200 local villagers living there.

There are 20 kilometers to Xiamen airport.