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16 artists encounter northern European contemporary art exhibition in xiamen, more than 200 pieces


"Nordic Direct Train - Two Stations Nordic Contemporary Art Exhibition" attracts public attention. ( photography by muyang lin)

In the Xiamen Nordic Contemporary Art Center near Huaiyuan Lake, 16 Nordic artists from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland met in the small town of Aotou, where they gathered for the "Nordic Direct Train - Two Stations Nordic Contemporary Art Exhibition". Artist Tina Dahl Gru describes her first impression of the characteristic town Aotou of a series photoes  of morning lake scenery  she shot in Copenhagen. She says that the original  Nordic tranquility in the camera is the "familiarity" that beautiful Aotou brings to her.

When ancient gardens meet with engraving oil paintings, when bluestones and red bricks meet with abstract sculptures... In the characteristic town of Aotou in Xiang'an, the cultural exchanges between China and the West have sparked numerous times. It illuminates the road of Rural Revitalization led by the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Promoting regional transformation and upgrading with characteristic cultural industries and injecting new vitality into ecological livable local culture by promoting cultural undertakings. From a project of cultural benefit to the people, from a smiling face of a better life, a new cultural mission to undertake cultural creation in practice, in the process of development and progress to enhance the well-being of the people, the idea of building small towns with characteristics becomes more and more clear.

More than 200 exquisite works of Art Festival are in residence

Although surrounded by red bricks around him, Yesterday, the art lovers could find the position of Xiamen Nordic Contemporary Art Center quickly. This another landmark building in this characteristic town of Aotou, from the first day of opening the door to welcome visitors, exudes a strong Nordic flavor to the outside world.

Yesterday, on the exhibition site, foreign journalists from Danish National Television Station were recording the global art festival - 16  Nordic artists with more than 200 exquisite works, including oil paintings,ink painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking and other forms of expression.

Each piece of exquisite works, mounted on the wall, suspended in the air, or displayed in the landscape, annotates the distinct personality of contemporary Nordic art: elaborate, elegant and romantic interpretation with perfect artistic language, presenting the unique spiritual world of contemporary Nordic art.

What is the wonder of nature when the beautiful Aurora Borealis accompanies the solar flare? Jenny Marie brought this unique view of the Nordic homeland to Aotou. She said it was a beautiful gift for the characteristic town of Aotou.

Hans Pauli brought dozens of prints, including mountains, waters and seas. And a printmaking showing the charm of the ocean beach is based on the characteristic town of Aotou. Dressed in Tang costume, he said that this was the second time he had come here to participate in the Nordic Art Exhibition. The reason why he never forgot Aotou was attracted by the rich historical and humanistic accumulation and the romantic artistic atmosphere of this small fishing village.

Among the crowds, the artists who came to the exhibition exchanged their understanding of the Nordic works of Art - the serious beast's head stood upright as another unique scene. In fact, the inspiration of the works is the source of Chinese myth themes. In addition, the  pendant made of waste foam materials and plastic models can form an alternative image language, giving people a unique sense of beauty.

Warm reminder
The exhibition will last until May 20.
Free of charge to the public