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The Chinese and foreign artists Aotou "Facing The Sea" Art Season


China's contemporary Sweden Hester art scene

中外艺术家精品汇聚 澳头面朝大海艺术季启动

Performance artist  Huanguang Zeng works of art "blooming flower"

In fact, the protagonist of yesterday’s art exhibition opening ceremony was also a unique piece of art work – Xiamen’s well-known performance artist Zeng Huanguang, with more than 100 shared bicycles, arranged in the open-air area in front of the art center as “blooming flowers”. He said that in the era of sharing, people need to put the crystallization of the wisdom on a more open platform for communication and sharing.


Nannan Tang ink painting "ChengShan figure"


The ink painting "Shengshan" of Tang Nannan who was the representative artist of the 2016 Venice Biennale China Pavilion,Up to 196 centimeters ,instantly grasped the attention of the visitors at the entrance to the art center. The Swedish Cultural Year's event is based on the theme of New Footprint along the silk road,It is fixed in art works in various forms such as oil painting, ink painting, sculpture, and film.


Jimei university academy of fine arts professor Yu Qi 

In the crowd, the professor of Jimei University's Art Academy repeatedly introduced the concept of his artwork—using 2017 pieces of broken tiles to be adorned on the white walls, giving the audience endless imagination. 


Installation artist Tong Wang "military"

The painting installation of the Swedish-Chinese artist Wang Tong, "Golden Branches and Leaves", became another unique scene on the exhibition yesterday. In his view, putting the dead branches on gold and painting the abandoned building materials can create an different image language that gives people a unique aesthetic.


Performance art "Odin Australia head AoTou Odin back?"

At the opening ceremony yesterday, the ancient pier of Aotou also ushered in a mysterious figure. He wore a black mask and a cloak, sat on an ancient ship, slowly approaching Aotou from a distance. After the mysterious figure came ashore, the mystery was revealed - this was a performance art brought by Lin Chun, a professor at Xiamen University Art College, "Does Odin back to Oett?". Lin Chun plays the "God of the Gods" in the Nordic mythology, Odin, came from Wutong by the ancient boat.

Later, Lin Chun handed a crow standing on the branch to Ms. Lan,the director of the Xiamen Nordic Contemporary Art Center. Lin said,In Northern Europe, crows are a symbol of good fortune, and oett is a Nordic ancient word which means family and homeland, the pronunciation of ”Aotou”is similar to the "Aotao", which fits well with the sound of oett. According to reports, China and Sweden have cooperated in many fields for a long time. In the future,cultural cooperation and exchanges like the art festival will continue.

中外艺术家精品汇聚 澳头面朝大海艺术季启动

Art institute of xiamen university professor Lin Chun and Zhang art network reporter

中外艺术家精品汇聚 澳头面朝大海艺术季启动


These activities is not only caught the common people’s  focus both literary and art circles, but also many art lovers and tourists . There are more than 200 pieces of exquisite works on the wall or placed on the ground, although their manifestations are different, but each one is the most dazzling star in the eyes of the people.