2023 Dream Of Ocean International Contemporary Art Exhibition
  • Exhibition Time:2023.10.28 - 2023.12.28

    Opening Time:2023-11-05 15:00:00

    Lecture Time:2023-11-05 16:00:00

    Exhibition Venue:Nordic Contemporary Art Center


    Curators: Lan Lan

    策展执行:Zhang Yatao

    策展助理:Zhang Yatao

    Oganizers:Nordic Contemporary Art Center、Xiamen Ocean Development Bureau、Xiamen Ocean International Cooperation Center


    Support units:Xiang'an Branch Headquarters of Xiamen Ocean High-tech Industrial Community Development and Construction 、Xiamen Xiang 'an Jianfa Construction Group Co., LTD




张瞄、杨彧、修雪飞、张亚涛、陈啟恒、马锐、佟雨桐、赵梦、七幺、肖然、张娜松、苏娅(中国台湾)、Tong Wang(瑞典)、Mats Lindh(瑞典)、Sven-Ingvar Johansson(瑞典)、Ann-CatrineHård(瑞典)、Lars Ravn(丹麦)、Doris Bloom(丹麦)、Anna Holmberg(丹麦)、Dina Lundvall Nielsen(丹麦)、Mathilde Bjerre(丹麦)、Riko Rei Goldbech(丹麦)、Emil Kjerrman(丹麦)、Oscar Yran(挪威)、 Alfred Vaagsvold(挪威)、Tor Edvin Strøm(挪威)、Hui Juan Melgaardsbakken(挪威)、Rain Lin(芬兰)、Anna-Majia Rissanen(芬兰)、Uwe Schall(德国)、 Bong Ants(菲律宾)、Allan M.Vibar(菲律宾)

Marine Biodiversity :

The ocean is one of the most mysterical and complicated systems on the earth, which carrying countlessly unknown and undiscovered life forms. However, marine biodiversity is now facing the unprecedented challenges because of the climate change, ocean pollution and expanding human activities. Our expectation is to arouse the public’s attention to protect marine biodiversity and sustainable development of the ocean through 2023 Dream of Ocean International Contemporary Art Exhibition.
As an exhibition with profound meanings, 2023 Dream of Ocean International Contemporary Art Exhibition displays the cultural and artistic creations with the theme of Marine Biodiversity, to explore and further discuss the potential of related ocean issues, which are not only relevant to us currently, but also have a profound impact on future generations.
The international dialogue within the exhibition has always been one of its most distinctive features. In this exhibition, we sincerely invite the artists from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Philippines, and China. They combined their unique cultural backgrounds and individual perspectives into the artworks concerning marine biodiversity to show and discuss this global issue.
We also emphasize the locality. Xiamen is a city so deeply associates with the ocean that its abundant marine source and marine biosystem are fused with local daily life. Some of the artists participated in the residency program before the exhibition, they spent half a month settling in Aotou Village, going deep into the community, and using local marine culture as the insparation and elements to create their artworks. We feel deeply responsible and firmly believe that World Ocean Week in Xiamen will become a positive example for discussing marine biodiversity and sustainable development.This exhibition will provide a platform for international art exchanges, allowing Xiamen to share this experience with the world, meanwhile let the world understand Xiamen's attempts and efforts in marine sustainable development and promotion of marine culture and art.
The series of Dream of Ocean exhibitions always reminds us that the ocean is the cradle of life on earth and the foundation for our survival and prosperity. However, it faces serious threats such as overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change. And we expect the exhibition could evoke audiences’ attention and deep thinking for such issues. We believe that the cultural and artistic power will motivate the social actions, and then contribute more positive meaning for the mutual dream of ocean.
At last, we want to thank all the artists, supporting units and everyone involved. All of your efforts and contributions to make this exhibition become an international cultural and artistic event that takes on scholarity, international influence and local significance. Let us set out this fantastic art journey together, explore the mystery of marine biodiversity, and devote more thoughts and concerns to the future of our ocean.