Dream Of Ocean 2022 International Contemporary Art Exhibition
  • Exhibition Time:2022.11.05 - 2023.01.20

    Opening Time:2022-11-05 14:30:00

    Lecture Time:2022-11-05 16:00:00

    Exhibition Venue:Nordic Contemporary Art Center


    Curators:Lan Lan

    策展执行:Yatao Zhang


    Oganizers:Nordic Contemporary Art Center(Xiamen)、Xiamen Ocean International Cooperation Center

    Undertaker:Xiamen Skane Cultiral Communication Co.,Ltd.

    Support units:Ministry of Natural Resources、Xiamen Ocean Development Bureau




 Lin Chun、Hio Lam Lei、Huang Yaoxing、 Jiang Ruiying、Dong Fang Xu、Ma Rui、Chen Qiheng、

Zhang Xijing、 Lv Liang、Zhang Yatao、Zhao Yue、 Zeng Zhuan、Cai Tou、 Chen Huan、Tong Wang、Fia Hjördis Tegsell、 Peter Nordstrom、Klas Sundkvist、Lars Ravn 、Jens Bohr 、Finn Heiberg、Finn Naur Pedersen、Kirsten Klein、Frans Jacobi、Kjeld Heltoft、Jenny-Marie Johnsen、Marit Benthe Norheim、 Bong Ants、 Uwe Schall、Allan M. Vibar、Maricel Paz Cai、Rita Joy


Whether in the East or the West, the origin and development of art is always in the same vein as the history of the ocean. The expression and depiction of the ocean is one of the most important motifs in the history of art created by human beings. From ancient maritime totems and marine mythology religious art, the simple aesthetics of ancient Greece inspired by Mediterranean philosophical thought, to the Renaissance spawned by the Age of Navigation, and the world-wide art school reforms eventually triggered by the unintentional westward movement of oriental culture in colonial expansion, as well as today’s integrated global contemporary art creation system. Through the ocean, art gets a channel of communication, imitating the ocean, art constantly expands its boundaries and forms. The ocean retains itself in the evolution of art, and art seeks the world's answers in the nutrients of the ocean.

In this exhibition, we start anew to find the way of coexistence between ocean and art, between civilization and nature. We will exhibit the ocean-themed artworks created by artists from different countries and industries around the world. Artists strive to integrate different perspectives and standpoints. The marine culture and artistic language of the region express their thinking on natural issues and the changing world environment. The works will mostly start from the most intimate emotional connection to the ocean in the artist's own memory, to present the influence of the ocean on both sides to the human world, and try to restore the true appearance of the ocean as a complex natural body.

For the past three years, we have continued to display on this theme during the Xiamen International Ocean Week, because this is not only a research event or an artistic performance, but will also serve as a persistent, cross-disciplinary local public welfare cooperation activity. Through the subtle influence of art, the people here will be encouraged to pay more attention to and think more about the relationship between the ocean and themselves, and eventually it is possible to form a new and balanced human-ocean symbiosis model in Xiamen.

We aim to let more audiences feel their connection with the ocean, regain those neglected natural memories and important things other than interests, and finally find themselves inwardly and the original meaning of life as a member of nature. The ocean brings us with the infinite possibilities. Building a community with a shared future for the ocean is the goal of all mankind, the mission of all mankind, and is full of bright and future hope.

Lan Lan


Director of Nordic Contemporary Art Center