• Exhibition Time:2022.07.30 - 2022.09.30

    Opening Time:2022-07-30 16:00:00

    Lecture Time:2022-07-30 16:00:00

    Exhibition Venue:Nordic Contemporary Art Center


    Curators:Yatao Zhang

    策展执行:Jingjing Ke

    策展助理:Dacheng Zeng

    Oganizers:Nordic Contemporary Art Center

    Undertaker:Skane Cultural Communication co.,LTD

    Support units:Funen Printmaking Museum, Odense, Denmark Funen Printmaking Studio, Odense,Denmark S.C.Van Fonden,Denmark  Swedish-Chinese Cultural Exchange Center



International Biennale for Kids in printmaking originated from H.C.Andersen's hometown -- Odense, Denmark. It is organized by Funen Printmaking Museum and Funen Printmaking Studio. It is the only international print biennial for children in the world. Ms. Lene Leveau, manager of Funen Printmaking Studio, also sent her best wishes to the exhibition.

The theme of IBK'22 is "Classic Refresh and Fujian Rhyme Fairy Tale." Based on using fairy tale of H.C.Andersen as the main background of creation, in combination with the practical situation of Chinese(Minnan) cultural customs, and gives image of new life, also take this activity to promote the spread of Minnan culture in the world. So as to truly realize the significance of cultural integration. IBK'22 collected and display total 230 works of Kids from China, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Belgium.International judges will select the prized works during the exhibition period and will be sent to IBK'23 in Odense, Denmark next year.

We created two special sections for this exhibition, aiming to promote international exchange and the necessity of fostering children's art.

The first one is "Kids from the Stars", the works are 45 gold award works provided by Xinxin Special Fund to participate in the "Little Maupassant Cup International Art Joint Creation Activity".  The authors of these works are all teenagers and kids with special obstacles. We hope that through the exhibition of these works, audiences can draw attention to these special groups and pay attention to the simple, pure but colorful world in the heart of these Kids. (Many thanks to Mr. Pan Shijian, Ms. Lin Man and Ms. Li Xin)

The second one is "Imprint of Time: Nordic Prints" exhibits prints of five Nordic artists, which is also a communication between artists of different creative stages, a dialogue with the works of kids.