“No One Create Alone” Solo Exhibition of Lars Ravn in Fuzhou
  • Exhibition Time:2022.04.22 - 2022.07.22

    Opening Time:2022-04-28 00:00:00

    Lecture Time:2022-04-28 19:00:00

    Exhibition Venue:Livat (Fuzhou)


    Curators:Yatao Zhang

    策展执行:Yatao Zhang、Jingjing Ke

    策展助理:Dacheng Zeng

    Oganizers:Livat (Fuzhou)

    Undertaker:Skane Cultural Communication co.,LTD

    Support units:


Lars Ravn,[Denmark];


This summer, we brought Nordic fairy tales to the mall!Livat, Fuzhou & Nordic Contemporary Art Center, Xiamen & Oneartland Center, FuzhouWe started a special ways to have a dialogue with H.C.Andersen by art, bring childlike fun to life In Fuzhou.The first artist we invited is Danish artist Lars Ravn.

To celebrate the anniversary, Livat Fzhou, together with Nordic Contemporary Art Center, Xiamen and Oneartland Center, Fuzhou, present a series of activities themed "Dialogue with Hans Christian Andersen". In this special period, we provide the audience with an opportunity to experience the authentic Nordic and local culture nearby home without going abroad. 
The pure and charming nature of Northern Europe has bred many fairy tales and works of art that shine with humanity. You can enjoy the real artworks from Northern Europe and feel the artist's attitude towards life.

Communication and dialogue are the cores of this series of events. For the first exhibition, we are honored to invite Lars Ravn, a Nordic artist, who will take us into the fairy tale world of visual art through the exhibition "No one create alone".

In this exhibition, you will meet a warm rabbit, also find many symbolic images from the works, such as flowers, love, birds, the arrow symbol, the sensory image, etc. Lars is good at using the most simple life material, put them into a fairy tale, humor and fantasy elements,  just like a scene magician, to show a certain philosophy of life and love of life.

I hope this exhibition can heal you.