Dream Of Blue 2021
  • Exhibition Time:2021.11.14 - 2021.12.31

    Opening Time:2021-11-14 14:00:00

    Lecture Time:2021-12-14 16:00:00

    Exhibition Venue:Nordic Contemporary Art Center


    Curators:Lan Lan

    策展执行:yatao Zhang


    Oganizers:Nordic Contemporary Art Center、Xiamen Ocean Development Bureau

    Undertaker:Skane Cultural Communication co.,LTD.

    Support units:Norwegian Embassy in Beijing、Norwegian Consulate in Guangzhou、Federal Republic of Germany in Guangzhou、Consulate General of the Republic of Philippines in Xiamen、Xiamen University of Technology、Xiamen Ocean Vocational College、Xiamen Langyuan Investment Management Co., LTD



Millions years of evolution in the oceans have been destroyed by human with a few steps. But now, Human's desire to protect the ocean has never been stronger. -- Documentary "OCEAN" Billions years ago, the vast ocean gave birth to the most primitive lives, giving earth the most wonderful deep blue world. Nowadays, the ocean is still home and paradise for countless lives. These elvish seafloor creatures, which used to survival freely from the unseen perspective of human, are gradually dying or forced to migrate to their homes due to sudden visits, interruptions and explorations. For Xiamen, the sea is not only the habitat of undersea lives, but also the mother of the city. It nurtures the urban civilization, nurtures generations of local people and receives countless visitors. It has been protecting this island city with its own deep feeling and heart. At a time when the whole world is paying attention to Xiamen Ocean, we are honored to invite 25 contemporary artists from Northern Europe, Germany, Philippines and China to join us in the "Dream of Blue 2021· Human and Ocean" International Contemporary Art Exhibition.  Artists here use different ways to translate their emotions and feelings about the ocean into what we can see.

Through artistic expression, people believe that we can look at things in a new way, think outside the box, and inspire a genuine joy for the ocean, as well as a sincere desire to apologize and reconcile with the ocean. Some of the Chinese artists spent a month in the residence, shuttling around the seawall and harbor of small fishing villages, surrounded by sea wind and sand, using local materials and collecting creative inspiration by the ocean. Nordic artists also break the boundaries of regions and countries and connect with the sea, bringing new vitality to Marine culture and infinite possibilities for the integration and symbiosis of eastern and western cultures. Just like the creative process, if we throw the three seeds of love, praise and awe into the sea, it will return you back with unexpected gifts

Curator/Lan Lan
Translator/Clara Ke

Roald Jostein Tellnes 罗尔德 [挪威]、Helgi Thorgils Fridjónsson 赫尔基·斯沃基斯 [冰岛]、
Ulf Johan Härd 乌夫·约翰·哈德【瑞典】、Tong Wang 王彤【瑞典】、Torben Stæhr 托本·斯泰尔 [丹麦] 、Lars Hård 拉尔斯 厚德 [瑞典]、Hans Johnfors  [瑞典]、 Emil Kjerrman 埃米尔·凯尔曼 [丹麦]、Tine Simonsen Antonius 蒂娜·西蒙森 [丹麦]、Uwe Schall 乌维·斯霍【德国】、Bong Antivola 波恩·安缇沃拉【菲律宾】、Allan M. Vibar 艾伦·维巴【菲律宾】、杨柏林【中国台湾】、陈啟恒 、东方旭、王順瑜、王浔、张亚涛、马锐、史钰璐、陈希鑫 、沈靖皓、赵悦、陈末、汤哲、厦门理工学院团队(吴建伟、、温淮栋、周传焰、杨   芳、焦文锦)、海伦堡学校  Halleborgsskolan Rydsgard 【瑞典】、霍尔拜克中学 Holbaek Stenhus Kostskol【丹麦】