BLUE DREAM International Contemporary Art Exhibition
  • Exhibition Time:2020.11.07 - 2021.02.28

    Opening Time:2020-11-07 15:00:00

    Lecture Time:2021-11-07 15:00:00

    Exhibition Venue:Nordic ContemporaryArt Cente


    Curators:Lan lan

    策展执行:Su yancong

    策展助理:Zhang yatao

    Oganizers:Nordic Contemporary Art Center

    Undertaker:Skane Cultural Communication co.LTD

    Support units:Propaganda Department of Xiang'an District, Aixin Office of Xiang'an District , People's Government of Xindian Town in Xiang'an Dis, Merchants Group of Xiang'an Dis, Xiamen Langyuan Investment Merchants



2020  BLUE DREAM International Contemporary Art Exhibition, as a cultural part of 2020  Xiamen International Ocean Week. It invited 34 artists from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Philippines, Chinese Taiwan and China to display 66 pieces of art works through multimedia projection, installation, animation, marine public welfare film, public art interactive works, comprehensive materials, painting, video and other art forms.

Award-winning works from The 9th National Ocean Culture Creative Competition for College and High School Students are also exhibited.

There are many relevant activities such as Art Practice Program, Nordic Online Salon, Popularizing Art Classes and Theme Forum.

According to the above, artists and participants tried to  interpret what is evoked by the ocean and depicts its uniqueness, creates a new interface between human and nature.


Academic support of the exhibition Ms. Else Marie Bukdahl said: All the different contributions from participant artists show that the language of form can communicate experiences and knowledge that the written and spoken word are either unable to express adequately, or simply cannot capture because the written word never coincides with artistic expression.


Curator of Nordic Contemporary Art Center Ms. Lan Lan said: The exhibition emphasizes interactive and social practice, as well as the promotion and education of interesting Marine conservation concepts, aiming to enhance Xiamen’s Marine culture atmosphere and public awareness.