Photo + Synthesis Contemporary Art Exhibition
  • Exhibition Time:2021.08.07 - 2021.09.07

    Opening Time:2021-08-07 00:00:00

    Lecture Time:2021-08-07 00:00:00

    Exhibition Venue:Nordic ContemporaryArt Cente


    Curators:Moham Wang

    策展执行:Moham Wang


    Oganizers:Nordic Contemporary Art Center


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    Photo + Synthesis (photosynthesis) is a unique function of plants. It is a process by which plants produce organic matter through a series of biochemical reactions with the light energy of the sun. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This process is not only the cornerstone of natural balance, but also the key to planetary evolution. In the history of human art and culture, the imitation of, the inspiration from and the exploration of photosynthesis have throughout the East and the West. In the context of new media, photosynthesis in nature continues, but the relationship between man, nature and the universe has undergone substantial changes - human beings have entered the predicament of internal circulation. In this predicament, photosynthesis has surpassed the concept of nature and extended to the field of society and information. In this field, the public is constantly absorbing new information and consuming resources at a drastically higher rate, and all this happens due to the new media and information technology.

    After the blind absorption, we repeat the process of anti-photosynthesis. Instead of feeding back effective information, recycling resources, or creating nutrition, we continue to internalize garbage, to take and to reabsorb the by-products of self-metabolism - information, materials, etc. Then we gradually move away from "photosynthesis".  Thus, artists often play the roles as observers and rebels. Through the methodology based on new media and technology, they once again search and reflect for the "photosynthesis" that persists in society and nature. Media art is exactly the type of photosynthesis - through the absorption and the use of mass media, as well as its internalization of by-products, the art constantly intakes new nutrients and nourishes the unique atmosphere between the artist and the audience.

    According to the "imaginal space" hypothesis of the Italian philosopher Chiara Bottici, artists have created an "imaginal space" between utopia and reality by utilizing mass media with different rules. The English etymology of photosynthesis "photo" and "synthesis" are reminiscent of the productive function of art space for images, and it is also the message of this exhibition - for the images in the 2020s, as a viewer or artist, how should we perform photosynthesis?