Interactivity-Playful Imagination
  • Exhibition Time:2019.10.01 - 2020.01.31

    Opening Time:2020-10-01 00:00:00

    Lecture Time:2019-10-01 00:00:00

    Exhibition Venue:Nordic Contemporary Art Center

    主讲人:Else Marie Bukdahl

    Curators:Tine Hecht-Pedersen/Mette Vangsgaard

    策展执行:lan lan

    策展助理:Yatao Zhang/Pengcheng Su/Siqin Gong

    Oganizers:Propaganda Department of Xiangan District Committee of the Communist Party of China、Xiangan District Xindian Town Committee、People's Government of Xin Dian town

    Undertaker:Xiamen · Nordic Contemporary Art Center

    Support units:Danish Embassy in China、Overseas outstanding women's Association



“Thirteen Faces” | Nordic Artists Joint Exhibition  

Interactivity – Playful imagination | Group Exhibition for Nordic Artists

Opening Process Arrangement

2019.10.1   14:00-18:00


Pioneer Experimental Music and Dance Performance Creative Show - Korean Singer HANNA、Independent musician Wulin、Dance artist Zheng Yanting and Cuban choreographer DIANMA -- Diversified on-site combination

15:00-15:30  Opening ceremony

15:30-16:10  On-site Interpretation of the Works of Thirteen Exhibiting Artists

16:30-18:00  Forum "Art Gives Body and Mind Interaction"

Exhibition Information

 Exhibition Time  2019.10.01-2020.01.31

Exhibition Venue  Xiamen · Nordic Contemporary Art Center (Xiangan, Aotou

Academic Director  

Else Marie Bukdahl 【Denmark】


Tine Hecht-Pedersen DenmarkMette VangsgaardDenmark、Lanlan【China】

Executive Team  Nordic Contemporary Art Center team


Propaganda Department of Xiangan District Committee of the Communist Party of China、Xiangan  District Xindian Town Committee、People's Government of Xin Dian town


 Xiamen · Nordic Contemporary Art Center


Denmark S.C.Van Fonden FoundationDenmark Danish Arts Foundation

Support Units  

Danish Embassy in China、Overseas outstanding women's Association

Joint Promotion Units

Xiamen Jianfa International Travel Group 、 Art Xiamen Exposition

 Backup Units 

Xiamen Federation of overseas Chinese businessmen 、 Xiamen Lingyun jade Company


The exhibition The relation between body and mind and the viewer's active participation in the experience of art is curated by the visual artist Tine Hecht Pedersen in cooperation with the visual artist Mette Vangsgaard and the art historian Else Marie Bukdahl. It is going to be shown at the Nordic Center of Contemporary Art in Xiamen in late April 2019


This original exhibition incorporates the viewer in many surprisingly active ways. It contains a series of new impressive artistic interpretations of today's significant emphasis on the central role of the body and the senses for human recognition, experience and dissemination. The new role that the body and the senses play in relation to human relationships and their surroundings are in a very inspiring and independent way developed by the famous American philosopher and aesthete Richard Shusterman and is also a central issue in the cultural field in China. He has named his aesthetic "somaesthetics” (“body aesthetics) because the body (or soma) is the” indispensable medium for all perception." In his books, translated into more than 17 languages, also to Chinese, he has   - like his Chinese colleagues - overcome the classic contrast between consciousness and body and replaced it with a holistic understanding, where body, senses, imagination, emotions, intellect and intuition always occur in an organic context and in interaction with the environment. The body rather forms an intermediate position because experience always has both a sensual and an intellectual side. Richard Shusterman has often emphasized that the most important of the experiences that form the basis of his philosophy, has he got outside the world of books and through direct confrontations with art and social reality as such. It is also during the direct meeting with both Chinese and European artists, among others Pan Gonkai and ORLAN, that Shusterman has gained his understanding that the visual language can communicate experiences that the verbal language cannot express in the same intense way or 

cannot capture at all. In many cases, he has even replaced his active observer position with the role of performing performances, which the French photographer Yann Toma has created. They are based on artistic interpretations of human energy, transformation and power centers. Richard Shustermans has for many years been a great inspiration in Chinese art and culture, where the mind-body relationship has always had a prominent place, and therefore his aesthetics builds a bridge between the two cultures.

 In the planned exhibition ten well - known artists are exhibiting varied impressive projects, where the relationship between perception and bodily behavior, the embodied creation and perception and the viewer's active involvement in the artwork has a prominent place. Through these works, new interpretations of the surroundings are revealed in an engaging way that stimulates the viewer to find new perceptions of our complicated world, which is constantly changing. The participating artists, who have had exhibition both in Scandinavia and outside its borders among others in China, are Malene Hartman, Mette Vangsgård, Jesper Dalgaard, Tine Hect-Pedersen, Jørgen Carlo Larsen, Julie Nord, Cai Ulrich Von Platen, Peter Land, Jeanette Schou Land and Tine Jacobsen. In several of the artists works, the Chinese vision of nature also emerges with its close connections between man and nature. It is realized in particular in the Chinese poetical garden, which draws us into a magical sphere and stimulates us to experience it with the whole body and all its senses.

 Else Marie Bukdahl