Art and Zen sense -- a poem of spring


Xiamen. Nordic Contemporary Art Center
Art and Zen (family public welfare field)
Wonderful opening in March

43 guests from 13 families; artists; old tea man

Zen; art; tea
The poetry of spring
The art of Zen in the beauty of Zen

The extension of life is the ultimate art

Link 1: Tour

▲Professor Wang Tong and curator Lan Lan explain each space, each work and the story behind it. Different from most of the spectators, joy is written on every face. Such a delicate and relaxed atmosphere is just to help yourself and others to open the right way of viewing. Perceiving the space, art, all the information, different experiences and feelings of everyone is the most valuable harvest. At the same time, we can live up to this precious parent-child time and grow up with our children

Link 2: the Enlightenment of Art

Professor Wang Tong's sculpture "thinker fata" - be yourself

Art is a way of expressing itself. It is useless art, removing form, avoiding concept, observing heart and being happy. And what is the real self? That is to be clear-minded

Link 3: free creation

In the future, paint the color you want!

There is no system or concept in the world that can restrict the freedom of art. Even if it is frozen, art can always blossom and bear fruit like a spring seed -- Wang Tong

Link 4: interactive creation

▲To the palace of art, from the soul of freedom

Link 5: outdoor activities

▲Cooperate with children's nature and combine movement with stillness. Climb, pass, play games, make a difference.

Link 6: Zen tea gathering

The Zen tea of Chang Shu, a tea man in Taiwan, is quiet and pure, and the Zen scene is present

I like a life without obstacles. Only in this way can I touch my heart, and human beings can be closer to God. Most people can't feel the hunger and thirst of their own spirit, so my art is not for others, especially for the public. But I never refuse to give art popularization courses and lectures on any occasions.
Who else loves art more than artists!
-- Tong Wang

In the development of all matters, they are in the same state. You don't need to use them with your heart or mind, and they will naturally stretch out. This is absolute happiness, and this is ultimate art
——The ultimate art of life, this is the perfect Zen, this is the perfect realm of Zen and art
——Great faith of Zen