AIR Project


AIR Project——Artists-in-Residence

 Introduction of NAC   

Nordic Contemporary Art Center(NAC) located in Aotou, Xiang’an District, Xiamen, China. Proposed by international artist Mr.Tong Wang and curator Ms.Lan Lan. They have during the past 20 years arranged hundreds of international exhibitions and cultural exchange activities through based in Xiamen, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Scandinavia. In this way, they have accumulated a multi-facetted experience and developed extensive networks.

Interaction between China and Scandinavia is becoming more and more active and extensive. The ambition is on the background to develop NAC into a platform for Nordic art including the following activities: [Mature Display of Collections], [Cultural Exchange Exhibitions], [Activities], [Sale of Artworks], [Artists in Residence], [Nordic Master Class], [Nordic Art Trip], [Chinese Cultural Exploring Trip] and [Lectures].

The mission is to achieve LOCAL GLOBALIZATION,dedicated to connecting foreign and local places.

Location and Functional Division C

Aotou is the fishing village in Xiamen, in southern of China, located on the southeast coast, opposite of Jinmen and Xiamen islands. Aotou faces the sea on three sides, and it was a very important trading port in history, and also a famous hometown for overseas Chinese.

The community retains some of its traditional architecture and ecological humanities, and strives to build a mutual Fishing Art Town, with several museums and art institutions under construction. It is 20 kilometers from Xiamen Airport.


Functional Division:

1st FloorGallery500+ square meters of seven meters height.

Regular exhibitions and collection display. The first Honorary Curator was appointed by Ms. Ann Charlotte Oredsson (Sweden).

2nd and 3rd FloorStudios for resident artistsOpen for different kinds of artists, handicraftsmen and visiting scholars from all over the world.

1st Floor of Affiliate BuildingNordic Art SpaceArt

derivative; Sale of Original art; Nordic café; Art Trip

development department


Introduction of AIR Project

The “A-I-R Project” started since 2018. We are facing and inviting the artists, designers and art-working person to come and resident here for creating. 

The aim of this project is to provide an interesting and particular creating space and experience to artists, they can not only experience the local cultural environment and living atmosphere, but also arouse the unique inspiration and personal style, which can help to achieving the perfect combination between artworks and traditional culture.

NAC will also arrange the cultural activities according to practical needs from different artists, help to promote the interaction with local society and local people through visual sense activities, auditory sense activities, workshop and so on. Also we would like to collect the artworks that created in NAC from artists, and use them to hold an international high standard exhibition at the end of every year, as the summary and reporting works of AIR project.

NAC can accept total four artists at the same period. Artists who apply for this project can choose the resident time from two weeks to three months according to actual situation.


Application Conditions:

1. Face to the foreign artists who work with painting, sculpture, design, music, craft (wood, pottery), installation art, or the art culture creators who work to the environment, community interaction and art education;

2. Must willing to complete and provide at least one free creation to NAC;

3. Able to live independently and without criminal records;

4. The artworks can sell during the residence or exhibition, and give 40% commission of selling price to the organizer;

5. Participate in the activities NAC organized at least once during the residence.



We can provide you with:

1. A personal studio or public studio;

2. A comfortable bedroom;

3. A public kitchen, restrooms, public activities and rest spaces;

4. Provide assistants and volunteers according to the artist's needs;

5. Provide a wide range of opportunities for art and cultural exchange, including visits local artists' studios, dialogue with collectors and visits to art institutions and art academies;

6. Provide the opportunities to give lectures and salons, as well as arrange personal exhibition or group exhibition as much as possible;

7. Provide the unique experiences for local customs and specialties;

8. Provide official invitation to China by Nordic Contemporary Art Center in Xiamen, reception, welcome dinner, etc.


You need to provide us with:

1. Your identity information, contact information and latest personal art resume;

2. The pictures of works created within past two years;

3. Actively participate in and cooperate with our activities and projects during the resident period.(Such as education courses, lectures, fixed studio open days);

4. Creative plans and ideas for you residence:

a) Show us the art form (painting, sculpture, installation, image, design, etc.) you usually create and your plan;

b) The time and purpose of creation during the resident period;

c) Your expectation of results for your work.


Information and Standard 

1.Time for residence: Two weeks to one month, further negotiation if required.

2.At least create and provide an art work related to the local place, which is showing in annual reported exhibition of NAC at the end of year.

3.Deadline for application:

A-I-R 2019, Application end on 1st March,2019

A-I-R 2020, Application end on 1st January, 2020

4.Fee standard: 350 RMB/day

 (Including accommodation 3 meals and transportation return to airport)

*some fees can be offset by works after permission.

个人信息 / Personal Information





Personal page of passport


Contact method


Resident Information

Time for Residence


Period of Residence


 Creative plan


Other special request


Oversea Remittance Information



Account Holders Name: KE JINGJING

Account Number: 6216611700000870040

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ720

Application form should be filled in and together with personal information send to E-mail: l: lanlanart@vip.163.com

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